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Gimgoul Castle

Gimgoul Castle now stands on Piney Point, where the famous duel took place.

The Legend of Peter Dromgoole

The legend of Peter Dromgoole and Fannie is a popular campus story at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dromgoole, a student who supposedly died in a duel in 1832, is said to be buried under a stone known as Dromgoole Rock. It doesn't hurt to keep the legend alive that Dromgoole Rock is located at Piney Point, on the land of the appropriately gothic Gimgoul Castle. Gimgoul Castle was constructed in the 1920s and is the home to the Gimgoul Society, UNC's answer to Skull and Bones.

The legend goes that Peter Dromgoole and another student were both in love with a young girl from town named Fannie. The rivals met one night and had a few nasty words to share, then agreed to meet the following day for a duel.

Dueling was, even then, strongly discouraged in the student handbook, but somehow word of the event leaked out and Fannie heard of it. She rushed to Piney Point just in time to see Peter shot through the heart. Peter collapsed onto a boulder, which was permanently stained with his blood.

In a textbook case of a student prank gone bad, the witnesses and seconds hastily buried Peter's body and moved the rock where he had died on top of his grave to cover the fresh dirt. Ironically, this had been the very rock where the two lovers had often met.

Fannie, pining for Peter, died later that summer. Before she died, she said that Peter was lonely and she was going to meet him. The shadowy figures of the two lovers meeting in the woods by Dromgoole Rock have been often seen since.