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Stories from the North Carolina Mountains

North Carolina's Mountains are a rich source of ghost stories and legends. The fiercely independent Scotch-Irish who made their homes in the nooks and crannies of the Appalachians brought stories with them from their homeland, many of which were adapted for their new surroundings. The native Cherokee people have also left us a rich tradition of stories, tales and legends about the North Carolina Mountains.

Boojum, North Carolina's Bigfoot

Many states across the nation have stories about Bigfoot, the huge, shaggy ape-like creature that haunts the deep woods. North Carolina may have the only version of the story where a pretty young girl marries Bigfoot.

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The Brown Mountain Lights

Brown Mountain is a low ridge in Burke County that is a showcase for one of the last, great unexplained phenomena in the world. During the night, usually in autumn, mysterious glowing orbs can be seen to rise up off the mountain, hover and wobble about fifteen feet up in the air, and then disappear.

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The Demon Dog of Valle Crucis

A terrifying specter haunts the roads in Valle Crucis, a dog the size of a man, with bristling black fur and glowing eyes that has been known to chase cars — at eighty miles an hour.

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The Haunting of Hot Springs

The Haunted Hot SpringIn this quiet mountain town, natural hot springs which bubble up from the ground. The waters, renowned for their natural healing properties, brought tourists to Hot Springs to take the waters throughout the nineteenth century. The waters also may be guarded by the ghost of a Cherokee Indian.

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The Moon-Eyed People

The moon-eyed peopleA mysterious race of bearded, subterranean people lived to play tricks on the Cherokee. Were they the mischievous remains of a colony planted by Prince Madoc, the fabled Welsh explorer?

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The Siren of the French Broad

The Siren of the French BroadThe beautiful French Broad river flows through the mountains of western North Carolina. It's waters attract rafter, fishermen and those looking to spend a lazy Sunday strolling by its banks. But in the waters of this beautiful river lies a beautiful and deadly secret — a mysterious creature that takes the form of a young woman to lure unwary travelers to their doom

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